Videos on Basic Chess Topics

New players who visit the club are usually taught the basics by adults. We thought it might be helpful to get our existing club members to explain these basic topics and techniques in videos, so that young players can teach young beginners. This enables you to learn between club sessions and will give new players more time to play friendly games as they continue to develop.

We hope you enjoy watching - who knows, one day you might get to film your own video for this page...!

If chess was a boxing match

A bit of fun from one of our Saturday sessions at the club

How chess pieces move - basics

Luke shows how each piece moves differently

Check, checkmate and stalemate

Jenni explains check and how to get out of it

Basic development rules

William explains why and how to develop pieces

Setting up the board and what the pieces are called

Eniko describes the pieces and board set up

How chess pieces take - basics

Caitlin shows how pieces take each other

Promoting pawns

Hamilton shows why pawns try to get to the other side of the board

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